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Jun 23, 2019 | Dive Trips

As of now, we are planning on two dive trips next year. The first one is May 30th thru June 6th or June 10th to Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. The 2nd trip will be in late Oct to the Philippines.

Because we have been to Little Cayman so many times, we have had requests to do a little something different. Still, in my opinion, Little Cayman offers the best diving in the Caribbean, so we do not want to skip it completely. What I have in mind is a combination trip to Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. Little Cayman May 30 thru Jun 6th for $2000.00 and includes:

  • 7 nights at Little Cayman Beach Resort
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • 6 days of 2 tank boat dives
  • Hotel taxes

Add on include:

  • $300 per person for lunch, 1 tank afternoon boat dives, and 3 bar drinks per night.
    • Or $173 per person for lunches
    • Or $200 per person for 5-afternoon boat dives
  • $300 per person for room upgrade form pool view to ocean view.
  • $750 for single occupancy
  • Subtract $200 for non-diver

We would then transfer to Cayman Brac and stay at Cayman Brac Beach Resort for 4 nights for an extra $1000.00.
There are several variations on this theme that can be worked out, such as not doing Little Cayman or not doing the Cayman Brac portion or staying longer at Brac. The only real requirement is to spend at least 7 days at one of the resorts. I had to commit to these dates because Little Cayman was filling up quickly. I will start collecting a $200.00 per person deposit immediately for the resort. Round trip air from Gulfport is ABOUT $1050 with an additional $70-80 if you include Brac. Still way too early to lock in air.
Call me with any questions. 228-863-5839

Image by Jacqueline macou from Pixabay


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