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We know the Local Waters

Raised on local waters Tony and Tim Deas still make at least one trip a week out on the Gulf or in the marsh. The brothers started running sport fishing charters in 1974. They have developed Sports Unlimited into a store with the most extensive saltwater tackle selection in the state.

Working in the store didn’t keep Tony and Tim off the water though. Both own 22-foot bay boats for the light tackle marsh and inshore fishing they love best. They know that anglers headed to the Gulf Coast all have their own fishing favorites and dreams.

“I was the first one to offer light tackle trips to the Chandeleur Island. But I had to learn that those boys from Tennessee, Texas, and upstate who booked charters wanted to fish the reds on light tackle,” notes Tony. “Redfish sure do pull a lot harder. I guess fishing specks is something I grew up with.”

Like most locals, the Deas brothers are speckled trout fanatics. They and their staff have fished for about anything that swims. Sports Unlimited stocks everything from the latest speck-catching crankbaits like Y-Zuri, and burly two-speed reels and rods that will put the brakes on billfish and tuna.

Tony breaks down the local saltwater sport fishing into three categories: inshore, green water, and offshore. The combination of three means there is only a couple months (January and February) of the year when fishing is slow.

Otherwise, you can have your pick of bull reds or giant yellowfin tuna, blue marlin or kingfish (the kingfish national championships are often held in nearby Biloxi) cobia or speckled trout. The fish don’t mind the brutal July and August heat if you don’t, although climate and great action are the reason spring and fall are the most popular months.

Don’t forget the many lakes and rivers and the freshwater fishing options for bass, crappie, bream, and catfish. Sports Unlimited hasn’t.

We have tackle

“We have a tackle for everything from blue marlin and sailfish to catfish in a pond”

Sports Unlimited

Knows Gulf Coast Fishing

Latest Stories

Panama City, FL Dive Trip July 8 – 10, 2022

Join us for a weekend of fun in Panama City, FL on July 8th – 10th. We will dive the Jetties or Vortex springs on July 8th depending on the weather and then do a four-hour, 2-tank boat dive on July 9th followed by another 4-hour trip Sunday morning. The only cost involved will be the boat dives and rental gear. Summer is here and the vis on PC has been great!!

Philippines trip Oct 22 – Nov 3, 2022

In order to get the best diving, we will be staying at two different resorts for a period of six days at each resort. The resorts are the Magic Island Dive Resort on Cebu and the Magic Oceans on Bohol. The website is www.magicresorts.online . We will be at the Magic Island from Oct 30th thru Nov 4th and the Magic Oceans from Nov 5th thru Nov 11th.

Panama City Dive Trip Oct 29-31, 2021

Sports Unlimited is planning a final trip to Panama City for the weekend of Oct 29-31 before the winter cold gets here! Late October and early November is my favorite time of the year to dive Panama City as the water is still very warm and the air temps are not scorching.

The exact dive schedule has not been determined but we are looking at boat dives on Saturday and Sunday with diving at the jetties on Friday. We might even look at a 6 hour 3 tank dive on Saturday! Haven’t done that for a while! We will probably be limited to 15-18 divers so if you have interests contact the store to ensure your spot. This will also be a great opportunity to finish some of the specialty courses that may be hanging. It is very probable that this will be our final dive trip for 2021 so contact us if you need any classes or checkout dives.

Philippines Dive Trip 2022

This is our Phillippines dive trip for 2021. The trip will be from October 26 to November 8, 2021.

Cayman Island Dive Trip 2022

Cayman Island Dive trip has been set for May 21st thru June 2nd, 2022.

Weekend Trip to Florida

Just back from our weekend checkout trip to Florida where we certified two new divers for open water and completed some open water training for two new assistant instructor students.

Philippines Dive Trip 2020

We have officially booked the trip to the Philippines for 2020. The trip will be from October 30th to November 10th, 2020.

Scuba Trip To Panama City

It is almost time for the September checkout dive. We will go over to Panama City Beach on September 13th for a beach dive (or several) Friday morning.

Dive Trip to Panama City 2019

Sports Unlimited has just completed a very successful dive trip to Panama. Congratulation to our newly certified divers: Cooper Crosby, Ashlyn Baker, Brandi Garris, Jesse Morris, Bryan Morris and newly certified nitrox diver, Mark Kliepeter. The weather was great, the tides were perfect and Panama City does not get much better.

2020 Dive Trips

As of now, we are planning on two dive trips next year. The first one is May 30th thru June 6th or June 10th to Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. The 2nd trip will be in late Oct to the Philippines.

Scuba for Beginners & Adventure Seekers

It gets hot along the Gulf Coast in the summer. The best way to beat the heat is to get in the water; deep underwater with the help of our expert scuba instructors and staff. You will discover a world of unique beauty and wildlife. You will have an incredible experience. An experience even the best photography cannot duplicate.
Tony Deas heads our scuba department. He became an open water scuba instructor in 1968 and in 2004 joined the ranks of Scuba School International’s Platinum Pro 5000. He has completed more than 6,000 scuba dives and trained more than 2000 all the way up to instructor level.
We offer basic open water courses, including Nitrox. We also offer a full array of specialty courses for spearfishing enthusiasts that include oil-rig diving.
“I’m a big spearfisherman and most of our spearfishing is scuba diving the rigs for snapper, cobia, amberjack, and grouper. We’ve got a little bit of a free dive market, but the water that is suitable for that is about 100 miles off Gulfport. That’s where you’ll find the Midnight Lumps, one of the best places in the world for shooting big yellowfin tuna.”
Many of our customers love to get in the water and observe fish. This requires scuba certification scuba.
We offer trips to Panama City once a month in the summer for boat dives and open water certification after basic pool and classroom training. Once you’ve completed basic training you can take part in the store trips to nearby Little Cayman. We also offer trips to far-flung dive dream spots like Indonesia.
We repair any scuba equipment that we are authorized dealers for. Tank inspection and fills, and has a partial pressure blending facility for mixing Nitrox tanks are also done onsite. You can find a complete offering of classes and trips here. Everything you need to dive is here in the store or in our online catalog.


We have Hunting Equipment too

We are very proud of our complete custom archery, and hunting department.
“Tim’s a big bowhunter, he’s been setting up bows since the 70s,” says Tony Deas of his brother. “He’s been doing it longer than anyone on the coast and he has trained a couple other of our guys.”
While waterfowl, pig and turkey hunting are popular. The healthy population of deer in Mississippi is the top target for our customers. Bow hunting offers the advantage of longer seasons and is effective in the tight, wooded areas. Sports Unlimited will set up your new bow and get you outfitted with everything you need from a tree stand to the right camo.
Tim Deas is an expert repair technician of both archery and fishing tackle. Mississippi offers special seasons for primitive firearms. Primitive firearms are any firearms built according to a patent secured prior to 1900. We carry a special collection of primitive firearms and the licenses needed to take advantage of special hunts.
Our staff can help you find a location to hunt upstate too. Upstate the deer are both bigger and more numerous. This is due to the better feed and mineral content found farther from the coast.
Our full online catalog makes it possible for you to order anything needed for hunting. (Items, such as firearms, that require a Federal Firearms License when sold must be picked up at the store.)
Tim and Tony Deas are dedicated to provide the best product, the best training and the best opportunity for a safe, successful outdoor experience. We’ve spent a lot of time stocking the shelves at our store with the right stuff. Nothing would make us happier than if you joined our loyal group of regular customers. You can also take advantage of our expertise right here and now thanks to our online catalog items. Good luck and have a great time enjoying the outdoors!



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