Cat Island has always been one of the truly great Speckled Trout hot spots easily available to Mississippi gulf coast fishermen. In addition to great trout fishing, the bayous and bays are Redfish havens. The really hot baits in the spring and early summer are top water Mirrolures, Sabiles, and Yo-Zuri’s. As the sun gets higher each morning and the fish move to deeper water try switching to suspending baits like the Yo-Zuri Crystal shrimp, 3D Minnow 70, or any slow sinking Mirrolures.

The extreme west end of the island can be either waded or drifted in a boat. The bayous and cuts on the south side are best drifted because on the soft bottom, while the very southeast bar is the best wader and you will find old tree stumps from many years past along the east side of this bar.