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Yo-Zuri 3ds Minnow
$10.99 - $12.49

The 3D Fingerling is a proven fish catcher especially in shore saltwater gamefish. Lifelike color patterns incorporated with suspending 3D body technology and lifelike eyes. Perfect swimming action. Comes per-rigged with new stronger and sharper round bend treble hooks. Rolling action. ( Measures 2… [more]

Mirrolure 4m Series

When the game fish are feeding on Glass Minnows or other small fry, the 4M is ideal for the ultralight enthusiasts. The 38MR resembles a 3" baitfish and is also an ultralight tackle lure. [more]

Mirrolure 7m Series

Varied rod twitches create an underwater dart and flash, but when fished with a steady retrieve, they will swim just below the surface. [more]

Mirrolure Spotted Trout Series

Spotted trout and red drum can't resist these tempting offerings. Resembles a spotted trout fingerling. [more]

Mirrolure Top Dog?

Top Dog? darts and dances, rattles and flashes, resulting in monstrous strikes from both fresh and saltwater game fish. Top Dog? transmits a wounded minnow vibration and frequency that trophy fish find irresistible. Features oversized 3-D eyes, lifelike fish scales and gills, stainless steel… [more]

Frenzy Angry Popper

Features tough stainless steel and resin construction. Heavy weight for maximum casting. Strong reliable hooks and split rings. Can be used as a surface or a sinking lure. [more]

Mirrolure Classic Series 52M

As attractive as live bait, these twitchbaits are irresistible to many types of saltwater game fish. [more]

Mirrolure Mirrodine

Suspending Twitchbait. Scaled sardines. Shad! MirrOdine? features a wide body profile and realistic baitfish pattern which produces violent strikes. Luminescent inset, "fish calling" rattles and natural 3-D eyes to enhance its realism. With a twitching retrieve this shallow runner darts from side… [more]

Mirrolure Deep 25

These lures flash and rattle when retrieved or trolled. They look and swim like a small mullet or other bait fish. Great for a variety of game fish. [more]

Yo-Zuri 3d Popper

The perfectly shaped concave face of the 3D Popper spits, gurgles and pops at the twitch of the rod. A pair of internal steel balls emit strike-provoking clicks and rattles at the slightest movement and also maximize casting distance. An internal strip of highly reflective prism tape gives the lure… [more]

Paul Brown Fat Boy

Features a wide bodied profile and suspending action that is deadly on trout and redfish. Fat boy is weighted for long cast and fetures a special vacuumed rattle which completes its effectiveness. [more]

Mirrolure She Dog?

Molded from "space age" plastic media, the She Dog? features twin "sonic fish calling" rattles. She emits a high frequency sound which enrages gamefish into monstrous strikes. Great "walk-the-dog" action which anyone can master. Higher buoyancy and sound frequency. Both freshwater and saltwater… [more]

Bass Assassin Saltwater Shad

Like its freshwater cousin, this lure can be fished as a twitch bait on the flats or fished on a jig head. [more]

$6.99 - $7.99

You'll think it's magic the way the new Vudu Shrimp catches fish! The New Vudu Shrimp has a Kevlar weave through the body giving it strength and durability. We've caught up to 50 Trout on one Vudu Shrimp! It's unique tail gives it a natural swimming action. Comes pre-rigged ready to go out of the… [more]

Egret Baits Kick A Mullet

It Suspends, It Rattles, and It Kicks A#%* The Kick A has a unique tail kick that mimics the natural action of injured prey. The (ROF) rate of fall is about 1 foot per 3-4 seconds. This will vary based on salinity, water temp, and clarity. Suspending baits are sensitive to all the variables. You… [more]


Perfect Shape & Balance •Horizontal Resting Position on the Surface Tension for Best Presentation •Bleeding Red or Hot Chartreuse HI-VIS Mouth •Two Fishing Techniques: “Pop & Stop” or “Walk-The-Dog” •Mylar Tailhook for Flash and Lifelike Fin •Injured “Red Eye”, Gamefish Key in on Distressed… [more]


Perfect Shape & Balance •Horizontal Resting Position on the Surface Tension for Best Presentation •Bleeding Red or Hot Chartreuse HI-VIS Mouth •Two Fishing Techniques: “Pop & Stop” or “Walk-The-Dog” •Mylar Tailhook for Flash and Lifelike Fin •Injured “Red Eye”, Gamefish Key in on Distressed… [more]


•Universal Minnow Shape •Baitfish Profile to Imitate a Variety of Forage •Flat Sides for a Variety of Fishing Techniques: ”Subsurface Twitching”, Cast & Retrieve, Trolling •Designed Specifi cally for Big Bass •Suspending for “Jerkbait” Technique •Mylar Tailhook for Flash and Lifelike Fin •Injured… [more]

Yo-Zuri 3DB PROP

•Top Water “Commotion” Action •Polycarbonate Prop for Lifelong Use and Unique Sound •Large Airplane Blades to Displace More Water •Internal Cadence Rattle & Noise BB’s •Injured “Red Eye”, Gamefish Key in on Distressed Baitfish •Patented Wave-Motions Ribs for More Vibration •Internal 3D Prism,… [more]

Egret Baits WEDGE TAIL

Great for Redfish, Trout, and Flounder. Length 3.5 inchs (8 ct Bag) The Wedgetail's patented shape mimics the mullet perfectly. Trout, reds, and flounder eat small mullet. The famous Wedgetail kick swims through the water with the most natural action of any lure out there. Check back for more… [more]

$6.99 - $7.99

The New Vudu Mullet is the perfect imitation of a small finger mullet. Great for trout, reds, snook, and other inland species. Rigged with a VMC Saltwater 4.0 hook and has an internal 1/4 oz weight for great casting distance. The Vudu Mullet is a medium sink lure and best with a medium retrieve. A… [more]

Yo-Zuri L-Minnow F1168

L-Minnow™ 1-3/4” Yo-Zuri’s L-Minnows Series™ is used for controlled depth fishing. This legendary lures sinks at a faster rate than most standard “minnow-style” hard baits on the market. In a style similar to spoon fishing, the L-Minnow from Yo-Zuri is designed to sink while the anglers counts,… [more]


Egret Baits announces new VuDu Shrimp version to its lineup, a 3.5-inch model with a kangaroo-like belly pocket with an internal rattle. New 3.5-inch VuDu Shrimp with Rattling Chamber comes pre-rigged with new, ¼-ounce weight for longer and accurate casts. The internal rattle can also be removed if… [more]

Unfair Lures ARROWHEAD

.sallow water 1-3' .8-20# line class .unique darting action. Like walk-the-dog except under water. .stainless swivel, living eye, holographic finish. .Turbo-Set 3X cutting point hooks [more]

Unfair Lures Mullet

Shallow Water 1-5 feet. 8-40 pound line class. It has the EXACT visual PROFILE and SONIC signature matching a LIVE MULLET. Stainless swivel line connection ensures better knot strength, improved action and eliminates line twist. Hydrodynamic fins create a natural swimming action. New quality PvR… [more]

Unfair Lures Rip-n-Slash

Shallow Water 1 - 5 feet Paul’s UNFAIR Rip-n-Slash is a hybrid search bait molded after a Cigar Minnow head and tail section. Rip-n-Slash casts a mile and swims like its about to be “crushed”. Swivel for better action, knots and no line twist. Rip-n-Slash features the 3D Gill and carefully selected… [more]

Unfair Lures Rattlin' Shrimp

Nature identical shrimp. Inshore/Offshore fishing 1-50 feet. The patent pending Paul’s UNFAIR Shrimp looks, and importantly acts just like a natural shrimp. It is the ONLY shrimp that makes a correct directional presentation. When a shrimp is “attacked” it scoots away in reverse. This shrimp mimics… [more]

Unfair Lures Greenie

Nature identical Herring. Inshore Fishing 1-6 feet. Stainless Swivel line connection ensures better knot strength and eliminates line twist. Quality PvR Turbo-Set 3X cutting point hooks. Living eyes” have life sized pupils that make easy targets for predators. Size: 70mm | 90mm Weight: 1/3 oz. |… [more]

Unfair Lures Stickminno

Inshore/offshore 1-20 feet 8-30pound line class Unfair Stickminno has a classic shape and dependable wobble well known for enticing bites from a large variety of fish species Patented 3D Bleeding Gill “Long-Cast” weigh transfer technology for long casts Realistic eyes & fins Transverse wires for… [more]

37 Results
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