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Plugs-FW Minnows&Jerkbaits

Unfair Lures ARROWHEAD
.sallow water 1-3' .8-20# line class .unique darting action. Like walk-the-dog except under water. .stainless swivel, living eye, holographic finish. .Turbo-Set 3X cutting point hooks
Unfair Lures Mullet
Shallow Water 1-5 feet. 8-40 pound line class. It has the EXACT visual PROFILE and SONIC signature matching a LIVE MULLET. Stainless swivel line connection ensures better knot strength, improved action and eliminates line twist. Hydrodynamic fins create a natural swimming action. New quality PvR Turbo-Set 3X hooks stand up to the toughest game fish. Size : 70mm 1/3 oz. 90mm 5/8 oz. 120mm 1-1/4 oz.
Unfair Lures Rip-n-Slash
Shallow Water 1 - 5 feet Paul’s UNFAIR Rip-n-Slash is a hybrid search bait molded after a Cigar Minnow head and tail section. Rip-n-Slash casts a mile and swims like its about to be “crushed”. Swivel for better action, knots and no line twist. Rip-n-Slash features the 3D Gill and carefully selected holographic tones to give it the edge over those “old” no design featured lures. “Living eye” with life sized pupil makes an easy target for predators. Transverse hook hangers for single hook options. Hydrodynamic fins add natural swimming action. Size: 70mm, 90mm Weight: 1/2 oz. | 5/8 oz. | 3/4 oz.
Unfair Lures Rattlin' Shrimp
Nature identical shrimp. Inshore/Offshore fishing 1-50 feet. The patent pending Paul’s UNFAIR Shrimp looks, and importantly acts just like a natural shrimp. It is the ONLY shrimp that makes a correct directional presentation. When a shrimp is “attacked” it scoots away in reverse. This shrimp mimics that behavior. Stainless swivel for better knots and no line twist. Quality PvR Turbo-Set 3X hooks will hold on to your catch. Size: 110mm Weight: 1/2 oz. | 2/3 oz. | 1 oz.
Unfair Lures Greenie
Nature identical Herring. Inshore Fishing 1-6 feet. Stainless Swivel line connection ensures better knot strength and eliminates line twist. Quality PvR Turbo-Set 3X cutting point hooks. Living eyes” have life sized pupils that make easy targets for predators. Size: 70mm | 90mm Weight: 1/3 oz. | 5/8
Unfair Lures Stickminno
Inshore/offshore 1-20 feet 8-30pound line class Unfair Stickminno has a classic shape and dependable wobble well known for enticing bites from a large variety of fish species Patented 3D Bleeding Gill “Long-Cast” weigh transfer technology for long casts Realistic eyes & fins Transverse wires for single hook applications Meant to cover the water column, it dives to approximately 4 feet in freshwater and 3 1/2 feet in saltwater There is a size and color to fit any fishing situation The sturdy PvR Turbo-Set 3X hooks will hold on to your catch
Livingston Lures Livingston Pro Sizzle
The Pro Sizzle covers the water and "calls" up fish producing explosive surface blow ups and strikes like no other lure. With one twitch of the rod, this bait will let any angler "Walk-the-Dog" like a pro. Illumination in the tail along with baitfish sounds generate strikes even while motionless. Topwater • Weight: 7/8oz • Length: 4-1/4in / 108mm
Livingston Lures Livingston EBS Mullet
Mullet is an erratic darting lure that has a unique side-to-side flashing wobble while sinking. This action combines with the natural sounds of EBS sound to attract and call fish from twice as far as traditional lures. The mullet is a universal baitfish-sized lure specifically designed to target redfish and trout for inshore anglers; however, it will definitely find a place targeting many other saltwater gamefish
•Universal Minnow Shape •Baitfish Profile to Imitate a Variety of Forage •Flat Sides for a Variety of Fishing Techniques: ”Subsurface Twitching”, Cast & Retrieve, Trolling •Designed Specifi cally for Big Bass •Suspending for “Jerkbait” Technique •Mylar Tailhook for Flash and Lifelike Fin •Injured “Red Eye”, Gamefish Key in on Distressed Baitfish •Patented Wave-Motion Ribs for More Vibration •Internal 3D Prism, Patent Pending •Round Bend Black Nickel Treble Hooks
Livingston Lures PRO-RIPPER
The Future of Fishing Every Livingston lure features the sounds of baitfish, Electronic Baitfish Sounds on an internal circuit board placed inside a sound chamber. The most common sound found is the sound of a Shad in distress. Others, reflect the color patterns of the lures, Distressed Shad, Shad sounds, Crawfish, perch, bluegill, croaker, mullet, etc. Once the lure makes contact with water, the electronic circuit is complete and the lure emits the sound in an 8-second cycle: 4 seconds of sound, 4 seconds of silence. EBS Technology is a powerful technology that bridges the gap from an artificial lure and live bait making the unnatural, natural. It gives an angler a lure that will attract fish from more than twice the distance of a traditional lure with the advantage of attracting and catching more bass, walleye, pike, redfish, striper, and any other predatory fish you’re after.
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