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Shimano SedonaFE
Sedona Features •Power Roller •3+1 •24-33 in •7.1-11.3 oz •7-18.5 lb The new Shimano Sedona received a complete makeover. The double anodized machine cut spool allows for increased line capacity with a more compact body. 1000-5000 size models for both fresh and saltwater action. Quick Specs Series : Sedona Spinbox Family Type : Spinning Models offered : 6 Key Feature : Dyna-Balance Ball Bearings : 3+1 Maximum Drag : 18.5 Retrieve per crank (in) : 24-33
Bang Bang Fish Attractants
$9.59 - $15.99
Unique rendering process with live bait produces the natural concentrated oils of the most prevalent forage species. Bang gives the angler an edge by encouraging the fish to hold onto the bait longer. This gives you more time to set the hook.
Yo-Zuri 3ds Minnow
$10.99 - $12.49
The 3D Fingerling is a proven fish catcher especially in shore saltwater gamefish. Lifelike color patterns incorporated with suspending 3D body technology and lifelike eyes. Perfect swimming action. Comes per-rigged with new stronger and sharper round bend treble hooks. Rolling action. ( Measures 2 3/4" and weighs 1/4 ounce)
Penn Conquer Spinning Reels
Features forged, machined, and anodized aluminum spool. Machined cut alloy main gear. HT-100 drag washers provide smooth drag under heavy loads. 10 Shielded stainless steel ball bearings. Infinite anti-reverse. Braid ready to handle the strain that braided line put on a reel. Friction trip ramp prevents premature bail trip when casting.
Mirrolure 4m Series
When the game fish are feeding on Glass Minnows or other small fry, the 4M is ideal for the ultralight enthusiasts. The 38MR resembles a 3" baitfish and is also an ultralight tackle lure.
Mirrolure 7m Series
Varied rod twitches create an underwater dart and flash, but when fished with a steady retrieve, they will swim just below the surface.
Mirrolure Spotted Trout Series
Spotted trout and red drum can't resist these tempting offerings. Resembles a spotted trout fingerling.
Mirrolure Top Dog?
Top Dog? darts and dances, rattles and flashes, resulting in monstrous strikes from both fresh and saltwater game fish. Top Dog? transmits a wounded minnow vibration and frequency that trophy fish find irresistible. Features oversized 3-D eyes, lifelike fish scales and gills, stainless steel hardware, and premium super sharp hooks for fast, solid hook sets.
Corrosion-X Corrosion-x
$10.99 - $20.99
Use CorrosionX to eliminate corrosion and protect all metal surfaces of your boat, trailer and dockside equipment. Especially recommended for brightwork (keeps stainless from pimpling), hatches, powerheads, antenna bases, hinges and latches.
Shimano Baitrunner OC
$129.99 - $149.99
•Graphite Frame •Graphite Sideplate •Propulsion Line Management System: Propulsion Spool Lip, S-Arm Cam, SR One-Piece Bail Wire, Power Roller III •Varispeed Oscillation •S-Concept: S-Rotor, S-Arm Cam, Direct Drive Mechanism (Thread-In Handle Attachment), Oversized Septon Grips for Power and Comfort, WP Drag (Waterproof Drag) •Machined Aluminum Handle •Dartainium II Drag Washers (Cross Carbon) •Repairable Clicker •S A-RB (Shielded A-RB) Ball Bearings •Super Stopper II •Dyna-Balance •Floating Shaft
Shimano Calcutta 200 GTB
The Calcutta B reels deliver all the features and performance anglers have come to expect from the original round reel series created by Shimano in 1992. The Calcutta 200GTB takes one of the most popular sizes in the series and sleeks it out with a Lo-Mass Drilled Spool and 7 S A-RB ball bearings.
Shimano Terez Full Roller Slick Butt 5'9
Shimano has added slick butts to the popular Terez series,including a complete lineup of full roller rods sporting AFTCO roller guides. The Terez Full Roller Slick Butt rods feature the Stuart Tuff Butt with an aluminum gimbal butt cap. The fast action 5'9" inch casting rods come in four fish-catching power ratings ranging from medium heavy to XX heavy. Like all rods in the Terez lineup, they are built with very small diameter TC4 High Modulus blanks that are extremely durable while offering a sensitive, lightweight feel. The slick butt design is the choice of top tournament anglers who need to quickly remove rods from holders and in and out of a gimbal or butt pad.
Frenzy Angry Popper
Features tough stainless steel and resin construction. Heavy weight for maximum casting. Strong reliable hooks and split rings. Can be used as a surface or a sinking lure.
Star Rods Paraflex Light Jigging Rod
Paraflex jigging rods are lightweight, yet extremely strong-built with thick-walled, thin-diameter blanks and proven Duratech technology. Initially designed for deep water vertical jigging, we found them very versatile for any kind of fishing where lightweight and extreme power is desired. .
Star Rods Aerial Inshore Rods
$59.95 - $79.95
Inshore rods feature premium cork grips with cap, graphite composite blank, full epoxy coating, Fuji guides, and graphite reel seat. Available in spinning and casting, these lightweight, sensitive rods are ideal for inshore anglers.
Mirrolure Mirrodine
Suspending Twitchbait. Scaled sardines. Shad! MirrOdine? features a wide body profile and realistic baitfish pattern which produces violent strikes. Luminescent inset, "fish calling" rattles and natural 3-D eyes to enhance its realism. With a twitching retrieve this shallow runner darts from side to side mimicking a wounded baitfish. Trout, Redfish, snook, striper and tarpon find it irresistible.
$99.95 - $129.95
The PENN Battle II offers attractive cosmetics, durable design, and silky smooth HT-100 drag as just a few of the many reasons why so many anglers fish this reel. The Full Metal Body construction allows it to maintain precision gear alignment under severe punishment.
Star Rods Aerial Jigging Rods
Star designed and fitted with quality components. Aerial rods are built with precise actions, with epoxy coatings to protect against the sun and salt, providing an exceptional value for the serious saltwater angler. Best in class, five year warranty.
Star Rods Aerial Boat Rods
$69.95 - $159.95
Aerial boat rods consist of spinning, conventional, and live bait models. Made with tough e-glass blanks, these rods are designed to hold up under the toughest saltwater fishing conditions. These rods feature foregrips and butts of comfortable EVA, graphite reel seats with stainless steel hoods, guides are either wire foulproof or premium aluminum oxide.
Mirrolure Classic Series 52M
As attractive as live bait, these twitchbaits are irresistible to many types of saltwater game fish.
$59.99 - $69.99
Sometimes, you need to keep things dry, cold, hot, or all three. These lightweight, airtight insulated cooler boxes are perfect companions on any adventure. If some ice does melt, and they tip over in you car - no problem. There will be no mess to clean up like normal coolers. The airtight gasket keeps hot air out and the cold air in. The are waterproof up to a depth of 3ft. Available in 13, 19 and 30-quart capacities in either white, grassland or tan colors. Engel drybox/coolers are perfect for keeping food fresh, for storing sensitive electrical equipment, cameras, medical supplies or safety equipment. They float and can be used as a ditch bag.
Mirrolure Deep 25
These lures flash and rattle when retrieved or trolled. They look and swim like a small mullet or other bait fish. Great for a variety of game fish.
Boomerang The Snip
$14.49 - $27.99
Easier hook threading with the clean cut of the precision 420 stainless steel cutters even with braid. 36" retriever means that it is always ready for use. Squeeze design means quick and easy snipping with wet or gloved hands - no scissor loops. One handed snip lock. LED lets you see the line in the dark.
Shimano Nasci Spinning Reel
$99.99 - $119.99
Exciting and powerful, the Nasci is unparalleled at its price point. This slick black and gold spinning reel features an upgraded drag and X-Ship, ensuring top-of-the-line durability. The Hagane Gear gives smooth casting and top quality from day one. Coreprotect keeps the Shimano® Nasci Spinning Reel's inner components secure from the elements, so you can enjoy it anywhere from light freshwater to medium saltwater settings.
Shimano Sahara FE
$79.99 - $89.99
Now featuring Shimano’s M Compact Body design, the new Sahara FE front drag spinning reels provide trouble-free, tangle-free casting with their Propulsion Line Management System. Anglers will also find our Varispeed II oscillation system that layers the line on the spool in two different speeds for excellent castability. Choose from four different size reels to handle just about anything in freshwater and the inshore saltwater scene.
Engel Rugged Plastic Ice Boxes
$229.99 - $944.99
Adventurers deserved better. In fact, they needed better. So a new ice chest was designed. Not just an improvement on the old models, but a brand new concept, designed from the ground up to re-define what an ice chest could be. Patents are pending. Take a close look at what makes an Engel DeepBlue ice chest the number one rated ice chest in the country. Rotationally-molded of seamless polyethylene, it’s tough enough to stand up to a hungry Grizzly bear. A full two-inches of dense polyurethane foam is injected top, bottom and sides, to provide 8-10 days of cold-keeping capability. But this is just the start. Features ¦Best in class ice retention and overall performance with 2 inches of insulation all round. ¦Holds ice for 8-10 days ¦Flush mounted marine grade draw latches with stainless steel backing plates & screws. ¦Unique air-tight food-grade silicone freezer gasket - keeps lid closed better. ¦Sturdy non-skid lid, suitable for standing or sitting. Optional Seadek pads also available. ¦White non-skid, non-marking feet help keep your cooler in place, while keeping your deck clean. The feet also elevate the cooler off the floor for easier cleaning. ¦Cooler floor is pitched to allow water to self drain completely. ¦Multiple tie-down options available for securing cooler. Fits webbing, turn buckle and other traditional tie-down systems ¦Dry ice compatible. ¦Full length integrated self-stopping rear hinge for maximum strength ¦2" thick walls with polyurethane insulation. ¦Unique recessed "one twist" opening drain plug with lanyard hole. ¦Unique slots for crimped locking cables – to better secure the cooler. ¦Dual padlock holes - for locking cooler shut and making it ‘Bear Resistant’ ¦Built in hand grips and ergonomic rope handles for convenient transporting. ¦Food grade plastic resists stains and is easy to clean. ¦Divider slots for optional plastic dividers – allows user to separate ice from other contents ¦Optional accessories include hanging trays, bait trays & cutting boards, Seadek, seat cushions, tie downs, dividers.
Yo-Zuri 3d Popper
The perfectly shaped concave face of the 3D Popper spits, gurgles and pops at the twitch of the rod. A pair of internal steel balls emit strike-provoking clicks and rattles at the slightest movement and also maximize casting distance. An internal strip of highly reflective prism tape gives the lure a lifelike 3D appearance that is further enhanced by the over-sized holographic eyes, breathing mylar tail and finely detailed etched finish.
Calcutta Foul Weather Jackets Foul Weather Bibs
Taslan nylon outer shell with an interior layer of a waterproof breathable laminate, covered by a nylon lining with mesh at bottom for added breathability. Fully taped seams throughout. Double storm flaps with two way zipper. Two roomy zip close pockets with storm flaps. Inside security pocket. Attached hood with a neoprene seal that keeps out wind and cold, and adjustable draw cord. Full cut to allow for layering in cold weather. Embroidered Calcutta logo on the left chest.
Scubapro MK25 EVO/A700
$911.00 - $1,279.00
UNMISTAKABLE LOOKS, UNEQUALED PERFORMANCE High-tech coating both protects and lends a technical look to SCUBAPRO's premium regulator system. Are you a no-holds-barred diver? Tend to be hard on your gear? Here's a regulator that can take it. SCUBAPRO has teamed its flagship first stage, the MK25 EVO, with its precision handcrafted second stage, the A700, then added a protective "Black Tech" coating to create diving's most rugged high performance breather and the coolest looking reg on the planet. There's no better example of supremely solid first stage performance than the MK25. This air-balanced flow-through piston design provides consistent and effortless airflow regardless of depth, tank pressure, or breathing rate. And now, with the introduction of the new patent-pending Extended Thermal Insulating System (XTIS), the MK25 EVO lets you enjoy an ultra-fast breathing response, instant delivery of air on demand, great sensitivity and extra-high airflow - regardless of how cold the water is. The XTIS makes this possible by fully isolating the mechanical elements of the first stage from the cold, increasing its freezing resistance 30 percent over the current MK25 without compromising breathing performance. This makes the MK25 EVO the ultimate do-it-all first stage for all water temperatures. The A700 second stage, with its metal casing, screw-down casing cover, metal valve housing and over-molded accents, exhibits a real muscularity in design. Its air-balanced valve technology and oversized exhaust valve work in conjunction with a well designed sectional exhaust tee, a first-rate purge and responsive user controls to create a bullet-proof breather with effortless inhalation and an ease of exhalation that is unmatched. Add the Black Tech coating and you have a go-anywhere reg that's protected against the ravages of salt water and corrosion while maintaining a sleek scratch-resistance appearance that lasts. It's a proven combination that works as good as it looks.
Shimano Calcutta B series
$209.99 - $309.99
The Calcutta series of reels represents the core of Shimano's quality, versatility, dependability and long-term value. In sizes from the ultralight 50 to the 30# class 700, there's a Calcutta reel for almost any application, in fresh or saltwater. With Dartanium Drag, A-RB (Anti-Rust Bearings), and Super Stopper, the Calcutta will give you years of solid performance.
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