Cajun Custom rods CAJUN COASTAL

Cajun Custom rods CAJUN COASTAL
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“Teaching Anglers to “Get the Net!” on Every Cast …
Whether you’re the stealth wading ninja of the shallows, or the die-hard kayaker on a mission to boldly paddle where no boat can go … the Cajun Coastal™ series fishing rods are the best coastal fishing rod available in the industry and meticulously designed to exceed your saltwater light tackle expectations! Engineered from CFX30™ and CFX+™ carbon fiber and graphite fabrics, these slender swords of fishing excellence are not only tough, sensitive and 100% Made in the USA … they are specifically designed to make you more successful on your next coastal fishing excursion. Short-butt coastal-fishing rod handle systems provide you the leverage you need to lift and “put the heat on” without sacrificing performance. Our Cajun Coastal™ series rods are meticulously designed to exceed your saltwater light tackle expectations with every cast! As the best inshore fishing rod available, you’ll be welcomed to the 21st Century of fishing technology and remember what it feels like to fish a rod you can trust!”


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