Cajun Custom rods CAJUN DELTA

Cajun Custom rods CAJUN DELTA
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Starting at $229.00

“Open A Can Of “Oh, Hell Yeah!” In Every Cast
Cajun ?™ (Delta) rods are rigged for your saltwater slammin’ fishing adventure from sunrise to sunset. These are not your normal inshore rods … these are high-performance precision engineered machines designed to fish in the skinny water where the fish come to eat. Our “standard” is everyone else’s “top-of-the-line.” The difference is, we give you your cake and let you eat it too. Offering maximum performance and priced hundreds of dollars less than competitors, the Cajun ?™ series of rods are designed for the ultimate inshore fishing experience. Super lightweight, ultra sensitive and Cajun-crazy powerful! We know you’ll appreciate your longer casts, pin-point accuracy, CFX™ power hook sets, and best of all … we know when you hook into your next trophy and reel em’ up from the salty depths you’re gonna’ fist pump, boat jump, booty shake, and kiss your Cajun ?™!”


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