Crown, LLC Gator Hunter

Crown, LLC Gator Hunter
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CL-600 Headlight
Huge diameter lens
Built-in lithium battery
Weighs only 6.8oz – 193 grams (Including battery)
120 Volt battery charger
8 hours continuous use on high beam 20 hours at low beam.
Switchable low and high beam (low 70% of high)
Easily adjusted rubber headband
Infinitely adjustable beam angle within the 80% range
Water resistant
Impact resistant

CL-650 Rubber Strap
Rubber headband for use with a hard hat. Fits all Crown LED lights.

CL-550 Colored Lenses
RED LENS — Preserves night vision & emergency lighting.
GREEN LENS — Good for hogs & predators from shying.
AMBER LENS — Good for reducing spooking of animals.
BLUE LENS — Good for blood trailing.

CL-500 Auto Charger
Power on the road from any Car, RV or Boat Charges two times faster than Wall Chargers Designed especially for Lithium Battery Power: DC 12V

Bump Hat
Lightweight black plastic hard hat for protection in the woods 3 Year warranty


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