Livingston Lures Livingston PoBoy shrimp

Livingston Lures Livingston PoBoy shrimp
New Penny Shrimp


Designed to be jerked or twitched with a slow sink like the real deal. Add EBS Shrimp™ sounds and there is no artificial shrimp lure available that can present this kind of ultra-realism. Great for saltwater and freshwater anglers looking to fool the fish and secure more hook ups with this crustacean-mimicking lure.
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0.5 oz
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The Future of Fishing
Every Livingston lure features the sounds of baitfish, Electronic Baitfish Sounds on an internal circuit board placed inside a sound chamber. The most common sound found is the sound of a Shad in distress. Others, reflect the color patterns of the lures, Distressed Shad, Shad sounds, Crawfish, perch, bluegill, croaker, mullet, etc. Once the lure makes contact with water, the electronic circuit is complete and the lure emits the sound in an 8-second cycle: 4 seconds of sound, 4 seconds of silence. EBS Technology is a powerful technology that bridges the gap from an artificial lure and live bait making the unnatural, natural. It gives an angler a lure that will attract fish from more than twice the distance of a traditional lure with the advantage of attracting and catching more bass, walleye, pike, redfish, striper, and any other predatory fish you’re after.