Shimano Terez Full Roller...

Shimano Terez Full Roller...
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Starting at $409.99

Shimano has added slick butts to the popular Terez series, including a complete lineup of full roller rods sporting AFTCO roller guides. The Terez Full Roller Slick Butt rods feature the Stuart Tuff Butt with an aluminum gimbal butt cap. The fast action 5’9″ inch casting rods come in four fish-catching power ratings ranging from medium heavy to XX heavy. Like all rods in the Terez lineup, they are built with very small diameter TC4 High Modulus blanks that are extremely durable while offering a sensitive, lightweight feel. The slick butt design is the choice of top tournament anglers who need to quickly remove rods from holders and in and out of a gimbal or butt pad.


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