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Scuba Instruction

Tony Deas heads our scuba department. He became an open water scuba instructor in 1978 and in 2004 joined the ranks of Scuba School International’s Platinum Pro 5000. He has completed more than 6,000 scuba dives and trained more than 2000 all the way up to instructor level.
We offer basic courses like including Nitrox. We also offer specialty courses for spearfishing enthusiasts that include oil-rig diving. Tony has over 6,000 dives to his credit.
We offer trips to Panama City once a month in the summer for boat dives and open water certification after basic pool and classroom training. Once you’ve completed basic training you can take part in the store trips to nearby Little Cayman. We also offer trips to far-flung dive dream spots like Indonesia.
Learn to Scuba Dive

Class Cost: $400

Class Cost Includes: Instruction, instruction materials, dive card, rental equipment (BC Vest, Regulator, Weight belt, and tanks).

Personal Items Required, not included in the class cost: Mask, snorkel, fins, booties, and gear bag.

Check out Dive to Panama City: 3 Days (not included in class cost)

3 Shore dives: N/C

Saturday Boat Dive: $110.00

Sunday Boat Dive, 6 hours (optional): $125.00 (food, beverages, entertainment extra)

CLASS BEGINS                                 CHECKOUT TRIP

Feb 3, 2020                                          May 1-3
May 4                                                   Jun 26-28
May 29                                                 Jul 24-26
Jul 27                                                   Sep 4-6
Sep 8                                                       TBD


Advanced Scuba Classes

Shark Ecology                                                    $75.00

Marine Ecology                                                   $75.00

Deep Diving                                                      $100.00

Night/ Limited Visibility                                      $75.00

Boat                                                                   $75.00

Equipment Techniques                                         $75.00

Navigation                                                        $150.00

Dry Suit                                                             $100.00

Wreck Diving                                                      $100.00

Solo Diving                                                         $100.00

Marine Eco Systems Awareness                           $100.00

Underwater Video                                               $125.00

Underwater Photography                                    $125.00

Search and Recovery                                           $125.00

Oil Rig Diving                                                      $100.00

Stress Rescue Course                                           $200.00

Nitrox Course                                                      $150.00

(includes 2 Nitrox tanks for checkout)

Science of Diving                                                 $255.00

Dive Guide                                                           $450.00

Dive Master                                                              FREE

Dive Control Specialist                                         $500.00



Rental Rates


Regulator w/Safe 2nd           $20.00

Buoyancy Compensator         $20.00

Air Tank                                 $12.00

Nitrox Tank                            $17.00


Dive Computer         $25.00

Weight Belt w/10#s  $7.00

Weights                    $0.40/#

Air Fills                     $8.00

Nitrox Fills               $15.00


Visual Inspection   $10.00

O2 Cleaning           $40.00

Hydrostatic Test     $35.00



Upcoming Trips

Bonaire Diving Trip February 2021

Sports Unlimited will arrange a trip to Bonaire on January 30th through February 6th, 2021. We will stay at Captain Don’s Habitat which is one of the most famous and respected resorts on Bonaire. We have stayed at this resort numerous times and have found it to be our favorite location for all-around diving and general relaxation in the Caribbean area. The general price breakdown is not finalized but this is what we have now:

  1. 7 days and 8 nights in an ocean view room
  2. Round trip air from Gulfport
  3. 6 days with 10, 1tank dives (additional boat dives can be added)
  4. Unlimited shore diving
  5. Nitrox on the boat dives
  6. Airport transfers and all taxes
  7. Add $136.00 per person for breakfast

We have reserved a total of 14 double rooms and 3 two-bedroom, two-bath, bungalows. The base cost will be approximately $2,000.00 per person for the Deluxe ocean view rooms, which includes airport transfers, Wi-Fi, hotel taxes and service charges,6 days of boat diving for a total of 10, 1 tank dives, nitrox for the boat dives, and unlimited air for shore dives. The two-bedroom bungalows will be approximately $1,750.00 per person. Some of the extras are breakfast for $136.00, and a 7th day of 2 tank boat dives $76.00.

A quick math solution will show you we have a total of 40 sports reserved, BUT we can get only get air for the first 24 people for these prices with the cost going up by $35.00 for the next 11 airs. That only gives us 35 total seats for air from Gulfport. The last 5 people will have to fly either earlier or later. There are no rooms of any type remaining at the resort so we cannot get any more at this time after these are gone.

10/28/2020: We still have 4 rooms left in anyone wants to get away.

Recent Trips


Weekend Trip to Florida

Just back from our weekend checkout trip to Florida where we certified two new divers for open water and completed some open water training for two new assistant instructor students.

Dive TripsPast

Dive Trip to Panama City 2019

Sports Unlimited has just completed a very successful dive trip to Panama. Congratulation to our newly certified divers: Cooper Crosby, Ashlyn Baker, Brandi Garris, Jesse Morris, Bryan Morris and newly certified nitrox diver, Mark Kliepeter. The weather was great, the tides were perfect and Panama City does not get much better.


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